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Urei 1176 compressor
Urei 1176 compressor

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UREI disigned the 1176 with push-button ratio selections 4:1, 8:1, 10:1, 20:1, as well as attack and release controls.

It was Bill Putnam himself who, in 1966, was responsible for the initial design of the 1176. Its circuit was rooted in the 1108 preamplifier which was also designed by Putnam. As is evident from entries and schematics in his design notebook, he experimented with the recently developed Field Effect Transistor (F.E.T.) in various configurations to control the gain reduction in the circuit. He began using F.E.T.s as voltage variable resistors, in which the resistance between the drain and the source terminals is controlled by a voltage applied to the gate. His greatest challenge was to ensure that distortion was minimized by operating the F.E.T.s within a linear region of operation

The output stage of the 1176 is a carefully crafted class A line level amplifier, designed to work with the (then) standard load of 600 ohms. The heart of this stage is the output transformer, whose design and performance is critical. Its primary function is to convert the unbalanced nature of the 1176 circuit to a balanced line output, and to provide the proper impedance matching to drive the line impedance of 600 ohms. These two jobs are accomplished by the primary and secondary windings whose turns' ratio defines the impedance ratio.

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