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A-Designs-MP1   A-Designs MP1 tube mic pre
AEA-RCA-44   AEA RCA R44C Ribbon Microphone
AKG-414   AKG 414 Microphone
AKG-451   AKG 451 Microphone
AKG-C-12-Tube-Mic   AKG C-12 Tube Mic
AKG-D112   AKG D112 Microphone
Alan-Smart-C2   Alan Smart C2 Compressor
Amek-9098   Amek Rupert Neve 9098 Mic Pre/EQ
AMS-DMX-1580   AMS DMX 1580 S Delay
AMS-RMX-16   AMS RMX-16 Reverb
MP32   Antelope Audio MP32
API-205L   API 205L Discrete Direct Input
API212L   API 212L Discrete Mic Pre
API-215L   API 215L Discrete HP/LP Sweep Filter
API-225L   API 225L Discrete Channel Compressor
API-235L   API 235L Discrete Noise Gate
API-2500   API 2500 Stereo Compressor
API-2500-Demo   API 2500 Stereo Compressor (Demo)
API-3124   API 3124+ Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre, plus DI
API-3124-demo   API 3124+ Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre, plus DI demo
API-3124MB   API 3124MB+ w/ Stereo Mixer plus Transformer Bal Outputs
API-500VPR   API 500 VPR 10 slot Rack with Power Supply
API-500VPR-demo   API 500 VPR 10 slot Rack with Power Supply (demo)
API-500-6B   API 500-6B 6-slot lunchbox┬« with built-in Power Supply
API-500v-loaded   API 500v Rack Loaded
API-512C   API 512C Discrete Mic / Line Pre
API-512C-rental   API 512C Discrete Mic / Line Pre
API-512C-(Demo)   API 512C Discrete Mic / Line Pre (Demo)
API-525   API 525 Compressor, Re-Issue
API-5500   API 5500 Dual 550 EQ's with Range Switch
API-550A   API 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ
API-550A-Rental   API 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ
API-550A-Vintage Rental   API 550A Vintage Discrete 3 Band EQ
Api-550B   API 550B 4 Band EQ
Api-550B-rental   API 550B 4 Band EQ
API-560   API 560 Discrete 10 Band Graphic EQ
API-560-Rental   API 560 Discrete 10 Band Graphic EQ
API-6-Space-Rack-Loaded   API 6-Space Rack Loaded
API-A2D   API A2D Mic Pre with Digital Output
API-L200   API L200PS
API-L200R   API L200R 12 Slot 200 Series Module Rack
API-The-Channel-Strip   API The Channel Strip
Apogee-Big-Ben   Apogee Big Ben 192k Master Digital Clock
Apogee-Duet-rental   Apogee Duet 2
Apogee-Duet   Apogee Duet for iPad & Mac
Apogee-Symphony-Rental   Apogee Symphony I/O
Apogee-Symphony-Module-16x16   Apogee Symphony I/O Module - 16x16 Analog
Apogee-Symphony-Module-8MP   Apogee Symphony I/O Module - 8 Mic Preamp
Apogee-Symphony-Module-8x8   Apogee Symphony I/O Module - 8x8 Analog + 8x8 AES/Optical
Apogee-Symphony-I-O-16-In   Apogee Symphony I/O with 16x16 Analog I/O Module
Apogee-Symphony-I-O-8x8-MP   Apogee Symphony I/O with 8x8 Analog I/O + 8x8 AES/Optical I/O and 8 Mic Preamp Modules
Apogee-Symphony-I-O-8x8   Apogee Symphony I/O with 8x8 Analog I/O + 8x8 AES/Optical I/O Module
Apple-Mac-Pro-HD3   Apple 12-Core Mac Pro with Pro Tools HD3 Cards
Apple-Mac-Pro-HDX   Apple 12-Core Mac Pro with Pro Tools HDX Card
ATI-JDK-8MX2   ATI/JDK 8MX2 8-Channel mic pre
AT-4050   Audio Technica 4050 Microphone
AT-AE2500   Audio Technica AE2500 Microphone
AT-835b   Audio Technica AT835b Shotgun Microphone
AT-ATM25   Audio Technica ATM 25 Microphone
AT-ATM23   Audio Technica ATM23 Microphone
Avalon-M5   Avalon M5 mic pre
Avalon-U5   Avalon U5 Direct Box
Avid-HD-I-O   Avid HD I/O 16x16
PT-Thunderbolt   AVID Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt
Aviom-16oy1   Aviom 16/o-Y1 A-Net Card for Yamaha
Aviom-A-16D   Aviom A-16D A-Net Distributor
Aviom-A-16D-Pro   Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
Aviom-A-16II   Aviom A-16II Personal Mixer
Aviom-A-16R   Aviom A-16R Personal Mixer
Aviom-A360   Aviom A360 Personal Mixer
Aviom-AN-16-i   Aviom AN-16/i Input Module
Aviom-AN-16-i-M   Aviom AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module
Aviom-AN16O   Aviom AN-16/o v.4 Output Module
Aviom-DS16   Aviom DS16 16x16 Digital Snake
Aviom-SB4   Aviom SB4 System Bridge
B-52-PA-System   B-52 PA System
BAE-10-Series-8-Channel-Rack   BAE 10 Series 8 Channel Rack
BAE-1023-Module   BAE 1023 Module
BAE-1023-rack   BAE 1023 rack (no PSU)
BAE-1023-rack-w-PSU   BAE 1023 rack w/PSU
BAE-1028-module   BAE 1028 Module
BAE-1028-rack-(no-PSU)   BAE 1028 rack (no PSU)
BAE-1028-rack-w-PSU   BAE 1028 rack w/PSU
BAE-1032-module   BAE 1032 module
BAE-1032-rack-w-PSU   BAE 1032 rack w/PSU
BAE-1066D-module   BAE 1066D module
BAE-1066D-rack-(no-PSU)   BAE 1066D rack (no PSU)
BAE-1066D-rack-w-PSU   BAE 1066D rack w/PSU
BAE-1073-Dual-DMP   BAE 1073 Dual DMP
BAE-1073-Module   BAE 1073 Module
BAE-1073-Module-rental   BAE 1073 Module
BAE-1073-rack-(no-PSU)   BAE 1073 rack (no PSU)
BAE-1073-rack-w-PSU   BAE 1073 rack w/PSU
BAE-1073D   BAE 1073D 500 Series
BAE-1073DMP   BAE 1073DMP
BAE-1073MP-(no-PSU)   BAE 1073MP (no PSU)
BAE-1073MP-w-PSU   BAE 1073MP w/PSU
BAE-1073MPF-(no-PSU)   BAE 1073MPF (no PSU)
BAE-1073MPF-w-PSU   BAE 1073MPF w/PSU
BAE-1084-Module   BAE 1084 Module
BAE-1084-Module-rental   BAE 1084 Module
BAE-1084-Rack-(no-PSU)   BAE 1084 Rack (no PSU)
BAE-1084-Rack-w-PSU   BAE 1084 Rack w/PSU
BAE-10DC-(no-PSU)   BAE 10DC Compressor/Limiter (no PSU)
BAE-10DC-w-PSU   BAE 10DC Compressor/Limiter w/PSU
BAE-1272-Module   BAE 1272 Module
Bae-Line-Mixer   BAE 2-channel Line Mixer
BAE-312A   BAE 312A
BAE-312B   BAE 312B Matt Sorum Signature Module
BAE-500-Series-11-Space-Rack   BAE 500 Series 11-Space Rack w/PSU
BAE-500-Series-6-Space   BAE 500 Series 6 Space Lunchbox w/ PSU
BAE-8CM-8-Channel-Mixer   BAE 8CM 8-Channel Mixer
BAE-Bi-Polar-PSU   BAE Bi Polar PSU
BAE-DLB-Desktop-Lunchbox   BAE DLB Desktop Lunchbox
BSS-901   BSS 901 Dynamic Equalizer
CAPI-Heider-312   CAPI, Inc. Heider FD312 WHR4
Coles-4038   Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone
Crane-Song-Avocet   Crane Song Avocet
Crane-Song-Falcon   Crane Song Falcon
Crane-Song-Hedd   Crane Song Hedd 192
Crane-Song-Spider   Crane Song Spider
Crane-Song-Trakker   Crane Song Trakker
Daking-Pre-EQ   Daking Mic Pre/EQ 52270C
Digidesign-192   Digidesign 192 Converter
Empirical-Labs-EL-7-Fatso-Jr.   Empirical Labs EL-7 Fatso Jr.
Empirical-Labs-EL8   Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
Empirical-Labs-EL8-X   Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
Eventide-H3000   Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer
Eventide-Instant-Phaser   Eventide Instant Phaser
EWI-Splitter   EWI 4-Channel 3-Way XLR Splitter
Focal-SM9-Single   Focal SM9 (Single)
Focal-Solo-6-(pair)-rental   Focal Solo 6 (pair)
Focal-Solo-6-(pair)-red   Focal Solo 6 (pair) red finish
Focal-Sub-6   Focal Sub6 (Single)
Focal-Sub-6-rental   Focal Sub6 (Single)
Focal-Twin-6-pair-red   Focal Twin 6 (Pair) red finish
Groove-Tubes-Vipre   Groove Tubes ViPre
iZ-Radar-24   iZ Radar 24 with Session Controller
JoeCo-BBR1B   JoeCo BlackBox BBR1B 24 channel recorder
JoeCo-BBR1B-sale   JoeCo BlackBox BBR1B 24 channel recorder
Kino-Flo-Diva   Kino Flo Diva Light Kit
Korby-KAT   Korby KAT System with U47 and 251 capsules
Lexicon-200-Reverb   Lexicon 200 Reverb
Lexicon-480L   Lexicon 480L Reverb
Little-Labs-IBP   Little Labs IBP Analog Phase Alignment Tool
Little-Labs-PCP   Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro
Manley-Gold-Ref   Manley Gold Reference Mic
Martech-rental   Martin Sound MSS-10 Martech
Martech-sales   Martin Sound MSS-10 Martech
Millennia-HV3C   Millennia HV3C 2-channel Mic Pre/Converters
Neumann-582-Card   Neumann 582 Cardioid Matched Pair
Neumann-582-Omni   Neumann 582 Omni Matched Pair
Neumann-FET-47   Neumann FET U47 Microphone
Neumann-254   Neumann KM 254 Tube Microphone
Neumann-KM84   Neumann KM84 Microphone
Neumann-M49   Neumann M-49 Tube Microphone
Neumann-U47-Chrome-Top   Neumann U47 Chrome Top Tube Microphone
Neumann-U47-B   Neumann U47 Tube Microphone
Neumann-U87   Neumann U87 Microphone
Neve-1073-Module-rental   Neve 1073 Module
Neve-1081-Module-rental   Neve 1081 Module
Neve-Sidecar   Neve 16ch X 4buss sidecar
Neve-2254   Neve 2254E compressor
Neve-33609   Neve 33609 stereo compressor
NHT-Pro-M00   NHT Pro M-00 speakers (pair)
Primacoustic-RX12-DF   Primacoustic RX12 Recoil Stabilizer - Down Fire 20" x 13"
Primacoustic-RX12-HF   Primacoustic RX12 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 20" x 13"
Primacoustic-RX17-HF   Primacoustic RX17 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 17" x 17"
Primacoustic-RX20-HF   Primacoustic RX20 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 20" x 22"
Primacoustic-RX5-DF   Primacoustic RX5 Recoil Stabilizer - Down Fire 7.5" x 9.5"
Primacoustic-RX5-HF   Primacoustic RX5 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 7.5" x 9.5"
Primacoustic-RX5-UF   Primacoustic RX5 Recoil Stabilizer - Up Fire 7.5" x 9.5"
Primacoustic-RX7-DF   Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer - Down Fire 10.5" x 13"
Primacoustic-RX7-HF   Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 10.5" x 13"
Primacoustic-RX7-UF   Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer - Up Fire 10.5" x 13"
Primacoustic-RX9-DF   Primacoustic RX9 Recoil Stabilizer - Down Fire 15" x 11"
Primacoustic-RX9-HF   Primacoustic RX9 Recoil Stabilizer - Horizontal 15" x 11"
PTHD-Rig   Pro Tools HD Recording Package
Pultec-EQP-1A   Pultec EQP-1A
Pultec-EQP-1A3   Pultec EQP-1A3
QSC-K10-speaker   QSC K10 2-Way Powered Speaker
QSC-K10-PA-System   QSC K10 PA System
Radial-Splitter-rental   Radial Convertible 48-channel 2-way Isolated Splitter
Radial-J-4   Radial J+4 Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver
Radial-J-4-rental   Radial J+4 Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver
Radial-J48   Radial J48 Direct Box
Radial-J48-rental   Radial J48 Direct Box
Radial-JDI-Duplex   Radial JDI Duplex Passive Stereo Direct Box
Radial-JDI   Radial JDI Passive Direct Box
Radial-JDV   Radial JDV Active Super Direct Box
Radial-ProD2   Radial ProD2 Stereo Direct Box
Radial-ProD8   Radial ProD8 8 Channel Direct Box
Radial-ProDI   Radial ProDI Passive Direct Box
Radial-SW8   Radial SW8 Auto Switcher

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